Proudly made in Melbourne February 07 2015

Jenny Scott Sorrento is proudly made in Melbourne. With all our production and manufacturing done here, we know everything that goes into making our clothes before it comes to you.

When it comes to fashion, we think about clothing and style as an extension of ourselves. But often the last thing we think about is where our clothing come from and how they are made. We’ve all seen the “Made in China” or “Made in Bangladesh” tags on the collar of our shirts, but what does that really mean?

In the past ten years, consumers have become hungry for fast fashion. To keep up with demand and changing trends, clothing brands engage overseas manufacturers, often with poor labor standards, to push out unsustainable quantities of garments at varying levels of quality. Often the end results is a market so saturated that customers can buy a garment for just one season before throwing it out or never wearing it again.

So what does this mean at the end of the day? By asking question about where our clothing comes from and how it’s made is a great start. By being conscious and aware, we can make decisions about what clothes we put on our backs. And by buying locally made clothing, you will support local communities and the local economy. This means confidence in knowing that manufacturers have strict health and safety standards. It also means that your garment isn’t one of thousands, but one of a short run of beautifully made pieces.  

By shopping with Jenny Scott Sorrento, you can be confident in knowing exactly where your garments come from and the love and care that goes behind it.

Jenny Scott Sorrento, proudly made in Melbourne.