About Us

Mother and daughter team Jenny and Lou Scott, are every bit the creative catalyst behind their work.

Sewing has always been a part of their lives and at an early age Jenny was in awe of the work of her mother Marion, an accomplished tailor, who was still sewing buttons on garments in the shop until she was 85 years old.

Making a career from her sewing skills was a natural progression for Jenny who has carved out her niche and continues to evolve with the constantly changing clothing trade, keeping the family tradition alive.

Since Lou became a mum, life has changed!

Jenny and Lou closed their shop Jenny Scott Sorrento which Jenny owned for over 26 years.

Jenny's son Doug has opened 5 stores called Marion & Me, with the flagship store being in Sorrento, and the other four stores in Bendigo, Ballarat, Castlemaine and Kyneton. Jenny continues to design her label which is stocked in Marion & Me.

As for Lou, well she has moved on to develop her love and passion for knitting. Inheriting Jenny's keen eye for design, Lou has started Louf. which specialises in pure Australian Merino wool products. Come over and check out her creations and sign up to keep in touch with her news. www.louf.com.au